Taara x New Norm x SewLab USA

Our Taara Totes are made locally in Baltimore using the New Norm's Almarae fabric made from recycled ocean plastics. The New Norm transforms plastics into sustainable and functional fabric. Our small-batch manufacturer, SewLab USA, ensures ethical labor practices for artisans and sources environmentally friendly and local options whenever possible. 

Here's how the Taara x New Norm totes align with our three pillars:

alleviating poverty

Aside from providing work and wages for artisans-in-training at SewLab USA, all proceeds from Taara Totes helped fund our Spring 2022 Collection with our India-based partner, Zy-lk. Read more about Zy-lk's ethical and sustainable mission here

sustainably + ethically

The New Norm addresses the barriers in our recycling infrastructure that prevent most plastics from being recycled at scale. Our partner transforms ocean plastic and Solo cups into functional fabric. Through this partnership, the fabric is woven into the exact dimensions needed to cut the pattern of our totes without any scraps or waste created. In other words, you can be confident that each Taara Tote you own diverted 0.5-1 lb of plastics from the ocean. 


The Almarae fabric is sent to SewLab USA, a Baltimore-based manufacturing company that parallels our values and is committed to quality and empowerment. All of our Taara Totes are made in small batches by the artisans of SewLab USA. 

and telling you all about it

We are fully transparent about our practices so you can feel confident about your purchase. 100% of the profits from each purchase are reinvested back into our impact-driven model, allowing us to continue doing business in an entirely ethical and sustainable manner. 

Here's the cost breakdown for each tote bag, so you know where your investment is going:

Tote Bag Cost Breakdown















If you have further questions about our process, practices, or production model, please email us at taara@taaraprojects.com.