Taara x Zy-lk

Our first product—the Taara Pant—made their debut in Spring 2021. They were made in partnership with India-based sustainable fashion brand Zy-lk. Zy-lk is committed to holistic sustainable fashion, recognizing the importance of social, economic, and sustainable practices. Due to our aligned missions and the success of our first launch, we partnered with them again to create our newest product: the Taara Button Down.

Here's how Taara x Zy-lk aligns with our three pillars:

alleviating poverty

Taara Pants are handmade by artisans otherwise at-risk for poverty in Chennai, India. Many are migrant workers or people who are hearing and speech impaired. Zy-lk provides artisans a safe and encouraging working environment, paying above a living wage and ensuring their job security.

sustainably + ethically

Zy-lk's entire production process minimizes textile waste, toxic water pollution, and carbon emissions. Taara Pants are made using upcycled fabric, requiring no additional water for dyeing, and all-natural materials for detailing. We use carbon-neutral international shipping and 100% recycled packaging.

ZYLK Button Down

and telling you all about it

We are committed to being transparent about our practices so that you can feel confident in your purchase. 100% of profits from each purchase are reinvested back into our impact-driven model, enabling us to further our social and environmental mission by continuing to produce clothing in an entirely ethical and sustainable manner. 

We want you to know the why and who behind the price tag, so we're providing you with the cost breakdown for our latest product, the Taara Button Down.

Button Down Cost Breakdown

If you have further questions about our process, practices, or costs, please reach out to us at taara@taaraprojects.com.